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Special Situations

Special Situation  

Imperial Valley College recognizes that changes occur in family situations that are beyond their control. On a case-by-case basis, the Financial Aid Office will use the Professional Judgment authority granted by the Federal Government to review each student's situation and, where appropriate, make changes to the student's dependency status, financial information, family size, or number in college. We encourage you to speak to a Financial Aid Specialist to discuss your specific situation.

Professional Judgements are unique, but some examples are listed below:

  • Unable to provide parental information
  • Experiencing homelessness
  • Loss of employment by a parent, spouse, or student
  • Death of a parent or spouse
  • Loss of non-taxable income
  • Separation or divorce by parents or student and spouse
  • Additional costs not reflected in the standard cost of attendance such as child care, computer, special books, and supplies.
  • Other documented circumstances

In order for the Financial Aid Office to issue a Professional Judgement decision, you must complete the appropriate forms and provide the supporting documentation requested.

Family Contribution Appeal
If you or your family have had a change in income or other financial circumstances, you may click on the link below to request a Family Contribution Appeal. 

Request Family Contribution Appeal (use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)

Dependency Appeal
In particular situations, a dependent student status can be overridden to make the student independent.  Please note that a parent(s) unwillingness to provide information or a student being self-supporting are specifically not allowed as justification for granting a dependency override.  If you feel you may qualify for Dependency Appeal, click on the link below to make the request.

Request Dependency Appeal (use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)

Homeless or Other Situation

If you are experiencing homelessness or another special situation not involving income or dependency, please speak to Financial Aid Specialist by calling our office at 760-355-6266 or visiting us on Zoom at 

Cost of Attendance Appeal
If you have additional costs not covered by the standard cost of attendance, you may request that these costs be added to your current cost of attendance. This may or may not increase your financial aid awards. Documentation for expenses in the current aid year is required, and the expenses that will be considered include child care, computer, transportation, disability-related, necessary medical/dental, and books/supplies.

Request Cost of Attendance Appeal (use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)

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