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Freeze Date Information

Each semester has a "freeze date" for purposes of determining your enrollment status for financial aid award amounts. On this "freeze date" we will record your number of units enrolled, which will determine your enrollment status and your eligibility for financial aid awards for the semester. Please note that only required coursework will be counted for federal aid purposes. Any classes that are added or dropped after this "freeze date" will not impact (either increase or decrease) your financial aid enrollment status for the semester. However, if you withdraw from all classes or receive a grade of F, EW, W, or NP, in all classes, you may be subject to Return to Title IV calculation that may result in financial aid funds having to be repaid to Imperial Valley College and/or the Department of Education. If you never attend class you will have a reduction of eligibility.

The "freeze dates" for 2023-24 are:

 Fall September 8, 2023
 Winter/Spring March 8, 2024
 Summer June 27, 2024

Enrollment Status is determined by the number of units you are enrolled in as of the "freeze date" (only required coursework is counted for federal aid purposes):

Enrollment Status Units
Full Time 12+ units
Three-quarter Time 9 - 11.5
Half Time 6 - 8.5
Less than Half Time .5 - 5.5

If you are enrolling in a short-term course beginning later in the term, you must add it or be waitlisted by the "freeze date" to have the units included in your enrollment status. Remember, only required coursework will count for federal aid purposes.

Classes added after the freeze date will not be included in your enrollment status for financial aid purposes for the term.

Classes dropped after this date will not be deducted from your financial aid enrollment status for financial aid purposes for the term unless the class is never attended or you are reported as a "no show".

If you completely withdraw from classes or receive grades of F, EW, W, or NP in all classes you may be subject to an eligibility calculation that may result in financial aid funds having to be repaid to Imperial Valley College and/or the Department of Education. Please click here for our Withdrawal and Return to Title IV (R2T4) policy.

This "freeze date" is ONLY for financial aid purposes – it does not affect any other eligibility, such as Veterans' benefits or EOPS.

The CCPG Fee Waiver eligibility is NOT affected by the "freeze date".

Credit by Exam, Non Credit, or Audited courses does not count as enrolled units for financial aid purposes.

Adds or drops after the "freeze date" will not change funding for the current semester but may impact satisfactory academic progress status.

Your enrollment status if you have not been awarded financial aid by the "freeze date" will be based on the units enrolled at the time your file is awarded. Likewise, late Cal Grant awards will be paid based on enrollment at disbursement per the California Student Aid Commission.

If you had no enrollment at the freeze date and later enroll for short-term courses, your enrollment status will be determined at that time.

Please double-check your enrollment status and Degreeworks prior to the "freeze date" to ensure that you are properly registered in courses required for your major.

Payments for completed terms are always based on eligible units completed.

If you have questions about how the "freeze date" impacts your eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office- 760-355-6266,, or in Building 1700 during our regular business hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm
(We are closed Fridays during Summer)