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Terms and Conditions of Award




1. The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to verify all documents submitted for your file along with information provided on your FAFSA at any time. During the review process, it may be determined that more documentation or information is needed to resolve conflicting information. Until additional information is provided, no further processing will be done on your file.

2. Your financial aid information is maintained on WebSTAR and information may be communicated using your IVC email account. It is your responsibility to check WebSTAR and your IVC email account often.

3. Federal regulations require that you and/or your parents file the appropriate Federal Tax Return if your income and/or your parents' income exceeds the IRS filing requirements. If you fail to file a Federal Tax Return when required by the IRS then our office will not be able to continue processing your application.

4. You must be enrolled in an approved program of study and for federal aid only courses for program completion will be counted for payment. This includes up to 30 units of remedial, prerequisite, or preparatory coursework and any ESL credit receive aid. This regulation does not apply to state aid such as Cal Grant or the CCPG fee waiver. Please refer to the IVC Catalog, the DegreeWorks system, or an academic counselor to determine which courses are required for your chosen program of study. 

5. Most federal and state grants are paid based on enrollment status (not including the CCPG) and the initial awards are made assuming full-time enrollment. If you enroll in less than 12 units (only required coursework counts for federal aid) your financial aid payments will be adjusted based on your enrollment status according to the chart below:

Enrollment Status Units
Full-time 12 or more
3/4-time 9 to 11.5
1/2-time 6 to 8.5
Less than 1/2-time .5 to 5.5

6. Enrollment status for payment is determined as of a set date each semester known as the "freeze date". Only units for required courses will be counted for federal aid. If you add units after these dates you will not receive an increase, an exception will be made if you were waitlisted for a course by the freeze date and then add the course. If you have not been awarded financial aid by the "freeze date", your unit load will be based on the units enrolled at the time the file is awarded. If you had no enrollment at the freeze date and later enroll for short-term courses only, your enrollment status will be determined at that time. You must begin all of your courses if you are removed from the class roster as a no-show, your enrollment status will be adjusted and you may be required to return funds. Please refer to the Financial Aid Payment section on our website for more information and the specific payment dates and freeze dates for each semester.

7. You must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. Your academic history will be reviewed at least annually, even if you have not received financial aid before. To be in "Good Standing" for Financial Aid, you must meet all of the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). In addition, you may only receive aid for one repeat of a previously passed course and only receive aid for up to 30 remedial/prerequisite/preparatory units. Please refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress section on our website for more information.

8. You will not be eligible for aid if you owe a repayment or overpayment on a Pell Grant, SEOG, or any other grant from any college.

9. You will not be eligible for any Federal-aid if you are in "Default" on a Stafford, Direct, PLUS, SLS, Perkins Loan, or other loans from any institution. You may regain eligibility by providing proof that you have made satisfactory repayment for six (6) consecutive months, consolidated, or paid your loan(s) in full.

10. If you receive a federal grant and complete or withdraw from all classes before the 60% point of the semester, you may owe a repayment. You will be ineligible for any additional Title IV funds until repayment is made in full. Click here to see the related video

11. You are required to notify the Financial Aid Office of any outside scholarships or other resources that you receive for or during the academic year. Federal financial aid regulations require that we record your outside funding as a financial resource and add it to the total financial aid package we have offered you. If your total aid from all sources (including the outside funds) exceeds your cost of attendance, we are obligated to reduce your total aid to avoid exceeding the budget limit. You may request a cost of attendance increase if you have additional allowable expenses. Please see the financial aid office.

12. IVC will apply any federal student aid you receive (such as Pell Grant and SEOG) toward the payment of any outstanding fees or tuition charges on your student account. Additionally, you may authorize IVC to use your federal student aid to pay educationally related charges other than fees or tuition (e.g. parking fees, library fees, etc.) for the current year and up to $200 for a prior year by accepting/confirming the terms and conditions on WebSTAR.