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K-12 Concurrent Enrollment Students


In accordance 
with the California Education Code, Imperial Valley College (IVC) will consider students in grades 11 and 12 for concurrent enrollment as Special Students; students below grade 11 will be considered on a rare- exception basis. 

The intent of the "Presley Bill" which allowed for enrollment of K-12 students, was to provide an opportunity for students to take advanced scholastic or vocational courses. Qualified students will be admitted for reasons consistent with the intent of the program. Examples of unacceptable reasons include decreasing the time needed to graduate from secondary school, substituting for course work not available in home-study programs or private schools, and making up for courses in which you have not done well in high school.
Students will not be admitted to take Physical Education (PE) courses
They also will not be admitted to take below college-level English and math which do not meet IVC degree requirements. Admission will be granted for other courses that apply to IVC degree requirements and are scholastic or vocational in nature. Courses, other than PE, are acceptable as long as they are not designated as "Nontransferable, nondegree applicable" in the Class Schedule or Catalog.
Students must meet with an IVC Counselor when applying to take Math or Science courses.

Applicants will be evaluated for readiness for college-level work based on the following (also see later section on the reverse side titled Exceptions to the Above):

  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA). Minimum desired GPA is 3.00 (B average).
  • If cumulative GPA is below 3.00, the application packet must include a strong letter of recommendation from a counselor, principal, or
  • Grade level Students will be expected to complete grade 10 before the semester/term for which they are applying begins. Rare exceptions may be made for highly qualified students below grade 11. At least one letter of recommendation is required for students below grade 11.
  • Personal statement written by the student on why he/she wants and needs to take the course and why permission to do so should be
  • Approval of the IVC course instructor and/or a personal interview with the IVC instructor, counselor, or registrar may be required after the application packet has been


Summer Term: June 7, 2024

Fall Semester: August 9, 2024

Winter Intersession: December 1, 2023

Spring Semester: February 2, 2024


To apply please click the link below:

K-12 Concurrent Enrollment Application


Username that students will use to login: concurrent.enroll

Password: Conc3nrol!


Once application is completed:

  1. An email will be sent to the provided parent/guardian's email that must be reviewed and confirmed.
  2. Then an email will be sent to your high school for approval.
  3. Registration instructions will be sent only after the completed application has been approved by all parties.

For K-12 or students with registration holds, please utilize the virtual drop card on the link below:

Virtual Drop Card Form