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Academic Renewal

Students may petition to have substandard academic work (D, F, NC or NP) disregarded from their cumulative GPA, when such work does not reflect their current ability (Title 5, Section 55046 of the California Code of Regulations).

More Information See Imperial Valley College Administrative Procedure 4240: Academic Renewal Regulations.

  • Academic Renewal is a policy to exclude grades of D or F from the calculation of a student’s grade point average (GPA), without repeating the courses, because they are not reflective of the student’s true academic ability.
  • If granted, the courses and grades remain on the student’s transcript but are annotated as excluded from the calculation of the GPA due to academic renewal.
  • A maximum of 30 units may be excluded.
  • Only courses completed at Imperial Valley College (IVC) may be academically renewed by this institution.
  • Grades of D that have been used to fulfill requirements for a degree or certificate that has already been earned cannot be academically renewed.
  • Courses for which grades and units have been academically renewed will not be used to meet certificate or degree requirements.
  • Students may petition for academic renewal one time only; once granted, academic renewal may not be reversed.
  • Institutions to which students transfer may or may not honor academic renewal granted by IVC.

Students may petition to have their academic record reviewed for academic renewal of substandard academic performance under the following conditions:


  1. Two or more years must have passed since the last grade requested for academic renewal was earned.
  2. One of the following minimum cumulative GPAs must have been earned for all courses taken at all colleges or universities attended since the last grade requested was awarded. All grades and units (including repeats) earned between that term and the date of academic renewal will be used for unit and GPA calculation.
    • 15 graded semester units* 3.00 GPA
    • 20 graded semester units* 2.50 GPA
    • 30 graded semester units* 2.00 GPA

*For Academic Renewal purposes, “graded” units do not include marks of W, I, MW, EW, or grades of CR, P, NC, NP.

The Petition for Academic Renewal form can be submitted online. Please contact the Counseling Office at (760) 355-6543 and a counselor will be able to submit an Academic Renewal Petition on your behalf.