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Academic Standing Standards

Academic Standing is a process that is set by the state that will allow each college to determine the level of each students academic eligibility.

Being on either academic or progress probation can delay achieving your educational goals. Finding solutions begins with knowledge. The more you know about academic standing, what Imperial Valley College expects of you, and the timelines involved, the easier it will be to develop an effective action plan.

Academic standing is not calculated until students have attempted 12 units of Imperial Valley College coursework. Then, at the end of every fall and spring semester, the college calculates academic standing. Visit BP 4250 for more information.

  • A cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 in all Imperial Valley College coursework indicates academic good standing.
  • When 50% or more of all Imperial Valley College coursework is completed with grades and not withdrawals, incompletes, or no pass notations, satisfactory academic progress (SAP) good standing is achieved.


Academic Probation

A student shall be placed on academic probation if he/she has attempted a minimum of 12 semester units of work and has a grade point average of less than a "C" (2.0). 

A student on academic probation shall be removed from probation when the student's accumulated grade point average is 2.0 or higher. 


Progress Probation

A student shall be placed on progress probation if he/she has enrolled in a total of at least 12 semester units and the percentage of all units in which the student has enrolled, for which entries of "W," "I," "NC," and “NP” were recorded reaches or exceeds 50 percent.

A student on progress probation shall be removed from probation when the percentage of units in the categories of "W," "I," "NC," and “NP” drops below 50 percent.

A student who is placed on probation may submit a General Student Appeal in accordance with procedures to be established by the CEO. 


Consequences of Academic / Progress Probation

  • You may not be able to register for classes until meeting with a counselor and come up with a plan.
  • Suspension or delay of Financial Aid.
  • Limit to the number of units per semester.
  • Sequential classes with substandard grades must be repeated. For example, if you do not pass English 1A, you must repeat this course before you can take the next English Course.
  • Expenses for repeating classes to raise GPA.
  • Graduation and/or transfer delays or complications.



  • A student who is on academic probation shall be subject to dismissal if the student has earned a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0 in all units attempted in each of three consecutive semesters
  • A student who is on progress probation shall be subject to dismissal if the cumulative percentage of units in which the student has been enrolled for which entries of "W," "I," "NC," and “NP” are recorded in at least three consecutive semesters reaches or exceeds 50 percent.
  • A student who is subject to dismissal may submit a written appeal for extenuating circumstances or can show significant improvement in academic achievement. If approved the student will continue on probation and will be re-evaluated the next semester.


Petition for Reinstatement After Dismissal

A student who has been dismissed may request reinstatement after sitting out at least 1 full semester. A Petition for Reinstatement after Dismissal must be completed by a counselor for any student in a dismissal status regardless of how long they have been out. Readmission may be granted, denied, or postponed according to criteria contained in administrative procedures.


Strategies for Getting Off Academic and Progress Probation

Here are a few basic strategies a student can use to help themselves off warning.

  • Clean up your transcript!
    Retaking classes with D or F grades is the quickest way to improve your GPA and get off warning. A "C" or higher grade will substitute your previous substandard grade. If you are on progress warning, finish more than 50% of your units each semester to avoid dismissal. If you must, drop classes during the first two weeks of the Spring/Fall semesters so that a "W" is not recorded.
  • Academic Renewal might be an option for you.  Talk to your counselor about the steps. Below are the REQUIREMENTS:
    • Two or more years must have passed since the last grade requested for academic renewal was earned.
    • One of the following minimum cumulative GPAs must have been earned for all courses taken at all colleges or universities attended since the last grade requested was awarded. All grades and units (including repeats) earned between that term and the date of academic renewal will be used for unit and GPA calculation.
    • 15 graded semester units* 3.00 GPA
    • 20 graded semester units* 2.50 GPA
    • 30 graded semester units* 2.00 GPA

*For Academic Renewal purposes, “graded” units do not include marks of W, I,   MW, or grades of CR, P, NC, NP.

  • Take fewer units!
    Reduce your course unit load to devote more free time to each course, especially if you have work or family obligations. Remember that rushing to fulfill your educational goal may result in having to repeat courses, wasting time and money.
  • Make an Educational Plan.
  • See a counselor to make sure you are on track.
  • Practice effective learning strategies/study skills visit the Learning Services Department.
  • Use campus resources.
    Get tutoring if you are having trouble. Talk to your professors. Study at the library if studying at home is too distracting. Find a job on campus if possible.
  • Drop classes before the deadlines.
    Check your schedule after you drop. Do not assume a professor will drop you.
  • Attending a success workshop!