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Parking Violations

Parking Permits for students and visitors are required when classes are in session!

* Vehicles parked in 30 minute parking, 15 minute parking, 2 minute parking, handicapped parking, faculty/staff parking without proper permit or in violation will receive a citation. Vehicles not parked in a designated parking space or red zone will receive citations.

Any vehicle found in violation of the following campus regulations will be issued a citation:

  • IVC Sec. 2.a., 2.b. Not parked in a designated parking area
  • IVC Sec. 3.a. Occupying more than one parking space
  • IVC Sec. 5.b. Parked in reserved space without faculty/staff permit
  • IVC Sec. 3.c. Not parked head-in
  • IVC Sec. 4.a. Parked in a handicapped space without special permit
  • IVC Sec 5.a. No valid permit displayed on vehicle
  • IVC Sec. 5.a.-2 Valid permit not properly displayed on vehicle

Citations are due within 21 calendar days of the date issued. If the citation is not paid within the 21 days then it becomes delinquent and a DMV "hold" will be placed on the vehicle and a $25.00 late fee will be added to the fine. Citation fees are $25.00 and $50.00 if not paid within the 21 calendar days.

*Please note that any vehicle parked in a handicapped space without a proper permit displayed will receive a citation with a $255.00 penalty fee.

NO PARKING ALONG ATEN ROAD OR OLD HIGHWAY 111.  These are no parking zones and vehicles can be cited by the CHP.  Fines range from $50 to $150.

Contesting a Citation

Paying a Citation