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Parking Permits and Day Passes

Parking Permits Fees


Vehicle Permit

Fall/Spring  25.00  15.00 20.00
Summer  15.00  12.00  10.00

In order to qualify for an additional permit, permits must be registered to the same student.

Buy your Parking permit on-line: click here for information

Permits must be properly display on the vehicle; failure to do so may result in a citation.

What if I buy a new car or stop driving the registered car to school?  A replacement sticker may be purchased at the Parking Control Office for $1.00. You must register the new vehicle by filling out a vehicle registration form and an affidavit form and returning fragments of the original parking permit/sticker with the forms to the Parking Control Office.

Where does the sticker/parking permit go on my car?  The parking permit/sticker must be affixed to the inside lower left corner of the front windshield of the vehicle (driver's side).  It is your responsibility to ensure that the permit is visible at all times.  Parking permits are not transferable.

Day Passes

  • A student or visitor may buy a day-pass for $2.00.
  • Day-passes may be purchased at the day-pass machines located in the parking lots or at the Parking Control Office (office 902).
  • Day-pass machines accept exact change only, either dollar bills or exact change (no pennies or 50 cent coins).
  • A day-pass may be purchased at the Parking Control Office (no bills larger than $10.00 will be accepted).
  • The day-pass must be placed on the dashboard of your car and the time and date must be visible!


Disabled Parking

Students who have a current California disabled placard are not required to pay for a semester parking permit.

All vehicles utilizing disabled parking must have a state issued identifcation placard (Department of Motor Vehicles issued placard or disabled license plate). Rules regarding parking in disabled zones are governed by the California Vehicle Code (Sections 22507.8 and 21458).

Only vehicles displaying official disabled parking authorization may park in disabled parking spaces.

Be advised that it is illegal to:

  • Lend the placard to another.
  • Forge a licensed medical professional's signature
  • Use someone else's placard
  • Possess or display a counterfeit placard
  • Provide false information to obtain a placard
  • Alter a placard or placard identification card

Misuse of a disabled parking permit or parking stall may result in a minimum fine of $255.00