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Summer 2024 FAQ


What are the start dates for the Summer 2024 classes? 

Summer 2024 Dual Enrollment classes start on June 10th. For more information, please contact us at 

How do I access my course through CANVAS and WEBSTAR? 

Please visit our IVC Website at and scroll over the top right on "Login". In the "Login" section, you will find option links to CANVAS and WEBSTAR. 

What is CANVAS? 

Canvas is a platform where you can access your online courses (distance education courses and web enhanced courses) and see assignments, announcements, grades, and more. Click on the link to watch tutorial video 200 - Canvas Overview for Students 

How do I find my IVC email? 

When you submitted your OpenCCC application for IVC, you should have received an email containing this information. If you can’t find your IVC email address, please contact our Dual Enrollment team at 

How do I find my G number? 

When you submitted your OpenCCC application for IVC, you should have received an IVC email containing this information. If you don't have your G number, please fill out this form  


How do I get my password? 

When accessing your IVC Email and Webstar for the first time, your password is your Date of Birth. (For example: if you were born January 1, 2001, your Password would be 010101. If you cannot log in or continue having issues, please fill out this form 


Is my Canvas login different than my Webstar and IVC email login? 

No, your Canvas login is the same as your Webstar and Email login. You will use the same login information for all IVC portals.  


What do I do if my Canvas says “Timed Out Session Expired?” 

This may happen if you are logged in for too long. If this happens, please close all internet tabs and then reopen the internet. Once you reopen the internet, go to and on the top right-hand corner, click on “Login” and then on “Canvas.” If this does not work, please contact our Dual Enrollment team at  


What is the deadline to drop? 

Deadline to drop without a "W" varies between courses. A "W" on your IVC transcript means withdrawal. 
In accordance with state regulations and district policy, the deadlines used for grading purpose are as follows: 
Drop without a transcript annotation: drop must be completed prior to the first 20% of the course based on the individual class. 
Drop with a "W" annotation: All courses dropped at the 20% point and up until the 75% point will be recorded on the transcript as a "W". 
A "W" may impact your financial aid as a non-K-12 special-admin student in the future. 
For information regarding specific courses’ deadlines, make sure you attend our Summer 2024 Student/Parent Orientation. You can also contact our dual enrollment team and/or your professor for a specific drop deadline.  


What happens if I can't finish or pass the course? 

A failing grade will appear on your permanent college transcript and may impact your academic and financial aid standing at the college. If you are unable to complete the course due to an emergency, please contact us for support or fil out a drop card form  

How do I drop a course? 

To drop your course, please complete the following form: If you do not have an IVC Student ID, please take a picture of any form of Identification. This may include your high school ID. 

Are there any student fees? 

No student fees will be applied for Summer 2024. If you have fees, please do not pay them and contact us at 


What is the cost of textbooks for Dual Enrollment courses? 

Books will be provided at no charge to the students by the high school district. 


What type of student support services will be provided? 

  • Students will have the same access to counselors and services as on-campus students
  • IVC Application Seminars will assist students in completing the online IVC Application
  • Dual Enrollment Orientations will help students and parents/guardians better understand the Dual Enrollment opportunity
  • If you need mental health support, please contact our IVC Student Health Services at (760) 355-6310. 

Our professors are highly encouraged to have an embedded tutor (a tutor who is actively involved in the classroom and provides additional help with assignments). If additional tutoring is needed, please visit our Study Skills Center website at