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Where we foster excellence in education that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character, and abilities; to assist students in achieving their educational and career goals; and to be responsive to the greater community.

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Online Support


We understand that academic success often involves having access to additional support beyond the classroom, and we are committed to providing you with valuable resources to enhance your learning experience.

Questions: We now offer a convenient platform where you can submit questions related to any of the classes you are currently taking at Imperial Valley College. Whether you need clarification on a particular concept, assistance with problem-solving, or guidance on course material, our team of knowledgeable tutors is here to help. Simply submit your question through the designated online portal, and you can expect a response within 48 hours of a workday.

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Essay Revisions: Recognizing the challenges of writing assignments, we are pleased to provide an essay revision service. You can now submit your essays for review, where our experienced tutors will offer valuable feedback to enhance your writing skills.

Essay Review

Disclaimer: The essay revision services provided by our program are designed to offer guidance and support to students in improving their writing skills and understanding of essay structure. It is important to note the following:

Purpose of the Service:  Our tutors will review your essays and provide feedback on the overall structure, organization, and clarity of your writing. They will offer suggestions and advice to help you enhance your understanding of effective essay composition.

Feedback and Recommendations:  Our tutors will provide detailed comments and suggestions on your essay's structure, coherence, and logical flow. They will highlight areas that require improvement and offer recommendations on how to address those issues. However, please be aware that our tutors will not edit or correct your essay for grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.

Responsibility for Revisions:  It is the responsibility of the students to make any necessary revisions or corrections based on the feedback provided by our tutors. While our tutors will offer guidance, it is ultimately up to the students to implement the suggested changes and improvements.

Academic Integrity:  Our program strongly emphasizes academic integrity. We do not support or condone any form of plagiarism or unethical practices. Students are expected to submit their own original work, and our tutors will not engage in any activity that compromises academic integrity.

Limited Liability:  While our tutors strive to provide accurate and helpful feedback, we cannot guarantee any specific outcomes or improvements in your essay writing. The suggestions and recommendations provided are subjective opinions aimed at assisting your growth as a writer. By using our essay revision services, you acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions. We encourage you to actively engage with the feedback provided by our tutors and take responsibility for your own learning and academic progress.

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