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Where we foster excellence in education that challenges students of every background to develop their intellect, character, and abilities; to assist students in achieving their educational and career goals; and to be responsive to the greater community.

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Our Tutors

Here at the Study Skills Center, we aim for our tutors to meet our W.K.A. criteria.  By applying this criteria to our hiring process, we know from the onset that our tutors are hard Working. Second, we look to see that our tutors are Knowleadgable in the subject we are hiring in.  Third, and also we beleive this to be the most important trait, they must be Amicable. We believe that by having amicabale tutors helps create a safe and comfortable environment for students. Applying the W.K.A. (Workers, Knowleadagble, Amicable) rubric to our hiring process has resulted in some amazing tutors.  Look below and see some of the extrodinary examples of acheivements our tutors have accomplished.


During this COVID-19 worlwide pandemic, the SSC team has led the way in re-defining what online tutoring is With a talented leadership team, the foundation for an almost one-click face-to-face online tutoring center was created. Hundred of appoitments, walk-in sessions and review sessions are being help in the virtual Study Skills Center. Students have expressed a great relief and joy knowing that help is one-click away.

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Left to right, Project Specialist Diana Aguirre, Project Specialist Ana Karen Perez and Lead Tutor Bryan Soto stand in front of our centers College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) accreditation, surronded by the several degrees our lead tutors have achieved.  All tutors must complete our ten-hour General Tutor Training, carried out by our lead tutors.  We also require tutors to complete subject specific training as well as Embedded Tutor Training.  All training takes place before classes begin at IVC and are conducted by project specialists, lead tutors and IVC faculty. 


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In 2019 the Study Skills Center sent eighteen tutors to the 3CSN (California Community College Network) San Diego Tutor Expo.  During this annual expo, of which a majority of the California Community College's send representatives, our tutors led four workshops.


Kimberly Dagdag, Agustin Burgos, and Jesus Fletes, led by project specialist Diana Aguirre (off screen) present a forty-five minute workshop on getting the most of out of review sessions. This presentation provided effective ways of developing an appealing review session.


Savannah Woodward and Braian Ballesteros led by our Student-Athlete specialist, Kathia Silva, present a workshop on the developing of good study habits for student Athletes.  They also explained how Learning Intervention and Networking Communities (LINC) can be implemented in a tutoring session for student-athletes.


Gabrielle Ruiz, Jovana Gutierrez, and Carlos Duran led by project speacilist Ana Karen Perez (off-sccreen), present a workshop on how the Study Skills Center prepares and trains their tutors to assist ESL students. They presented effective ways to overcome obstacles that a tutor and student may confront.  They also demonstrated various activities that have proven to be fundemantal in helping students grasp difficult concepts.


Mariana Gonzalez, Lorena Canez, Renee Moraleas, and Raul Laguna present a workshop on creating student-tutor connections. Through this workshop, an embedded tutor is encouraged to create a working connection with the student they will be tutoring throughout the semester.  It also helps a tutor confront some of the pitfalls and challenges. They also touched on how understanding the different types of intellegence and common learning styles allows instructors to recognize student strengths and weaknesses, crucial for teaching concepts in multiple 'learning languages'.


Project specialists Jael Esqueda and Diana Aguirre present at the Breaking Down Barriers, Building Partnerships in Education conference in San Diego on how to grow an embedded tutor program.

ETP Board Presentation

Dean of Arts, Letters & Learning Services, David Zielinski, accompanied by the Learning Support Service Coordinator, Josue Verduzco, project specialists Jael Esqueda, Ana K. Perez, and Diana Aguirre, present at IVC's Board of Trustees the success of the Embedded Tutor Program.


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