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Medical Provider Network (MPN)

The District has chosen the Self-Insured Schools of California (SISC)/California Foundation for Medical Care, Medical Provider Network (MPN) as the network of medical providers in the case of a work injury. The MPN is a Workers' Compensation Provider Network built around Occupational Care Providers.

Unless you predesignate a physician or medical group, your new work injuries arising on or after October 1, 2007 will be treated by providers in our SISC Medical Provider Network. If you have an existing injury, you may be required to change to a provider in the new SISC MPN. Check with your claims adjuster. You may obtain more information about the MPN from the Workers' Compensation Poster or from your employer.

The MPN will be delivered through SISC's network of medical providers and facilities. Your employer is self-insured and SISC (a Joint Powers Authority) functions as its Third Party Administrator. The California Foundation for Medical Care provides a comprehensive medical network to serve the needs of SISC and their medical providers. The MPN includes occupational health clinics and doctors who will provide you with medical treatment. The occupational doctor will also manage your return-to-work with your employer.

Existing work injuries may be transferred into the new MPN. Employees should check with their claims adjuster for more information

  • Under the MPN Program, you will be provided:
  • A primary care physician
  • Other occupational health services and specialists
  • Emergency health care services and
  • Medical care if you are working or traveling outside of the Geographic services area

This network has been built to provide you with timely and quality medical care. The MPN is easy to access and is here to provide you with quality medical care and to assist you to return to health and a productive life.

MPN Handbook (english)
MPN Handbook (spanish)