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Confidentiality Statement and Form

Ethical behavior requires confidentiality be maintained at all times. This means that discussion about children take place only in class and/or with your professors. All notes and writing must be protected so as not to accidentally or purposefully disclose information about the children and families. Students are breaching confidentiality if they discuss families, children, and staff with others who are not in the class, with classmates outside class, or if they allow others to read their notes and papers. Students may discuss children in a professional way in class with the other students in that class only. Students may not make recordings of class discussions. Students should use a pseudonym (made up name) for children in their observations and the word "teacher" to describe staff.

If a parent or other adult asks me for information about a child or situation, I will politely excuse myself from the conversation and refer the parent to the classroom staff. Students are prohibited from initiating conversation with parents. If I see something that concerns me and I believe the safety of the children is compromised, I will go immediately to the teacher or director and report what I have seen. I will discuss all other concerns with my course instructor privately outside of the adult classroom situation.

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