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Humanities Department


The IVC Art Department serves a diverse group of students, from those who are taking their first and only art instruction, to those who will go on to use art skills in their careers. All students are given both the technical knowledge and the emotional support needed to excel in their art. The study of art at IVC is an ideal way for students to understand their creative potential, whether they choose to work in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture or design. Art students learn that art requires a balance between their intellect and their emotions. The IVC Art program offers introductory and intermediate courses that blend both traditional and contemporary art values and Art History courses that satisfy requirements for Humanities credit.


The Associate of Arts degree in Humanities is an interdisciplinary program that integrates several different academic traditions. The program offers students a rare opportunity to discover the heritage of art, culture, and learning through lectures and readings of great texts; make connections between ideas in the past and issues in the present; and improve skills in critical reading, listening, writing, and discussion. 


The associate's degree in music is for those students who have professional ambitions in music performance, public school teaching, composition, jazz studies, a music generalist, and/or for seeking a foundation for graduate school for university teaching or research. This program emphasizes the professional aspects of music and encourages students to continue on for a bachelor's degree. All students are encouraged to consult with the music deparment to determine their placement level for starting this associate's degree and/or advisement to enroll in Music 100, Introduction to Music Foundations.