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Fire Safety Policy

It is the policy of the Imperial Valley Community College District that any fire that is a result of negligence or purposely set requires the Fire Department as well as campus security to be contacted. The Campus Safety and Security Department will be responsible to follow up with the local police department to file a report.

The cause of fire will be determined by the appropriate fire department personnel. The report will include the cause of the fire as well as the estimated value of property damage. The property damage will include the value of the loss of structure, its contents, and the cost of replacement. It is the responsibility of the Campus Safety and Security Department to request a copy of the report 14days after the incident and maintain a copy for their file as well as provide a copy to the appropriate college personnel.

Responsibility of Supervisors, Managers, and Faculty:

The supervisors, managers, and instructors are to supervise the clearing of his/her area during an emergency evacuation, in an orderly manner using the designated evacuation paths to the designated safety areas. Attendance will be taken of each area evacuated with an attendance form. The Dean of each department will be responsible to ensure that all instructors have a copy of the attendance form.

Fire Drills:

  • Imperial Valley College will hold a fire drill semi annually consisting of full evacuation of at least two buildings with the assistance of campus security. The Child Development Center will do monthly fire drills as required by law.

Fire Safety System:

The Imperial Valley College main campus uses Simplex as its fire system. The Simplex 4100-9111 fire system has 4 general functions.

  • It monitors fire alarm initiating points (smoke detectors, heat detectors, and pull stations)
  • It activates fire alarm notification appliances (horns, strobes, audio evacuation messages) when an initiating point activates.
  • It monitors and controls auxiliary building equipment for building 2700 (fan dampers, relays, security devices).
  • It contacts appropriate department.

The main fire control panel is in the Administration Building located at the South side of campus. Additional satellite panels are located at building 2700, the library, and the Child Development Center.