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Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is college credit awarded for validated college-level skills and knowledge gained outside of a college classroom.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is college credit awarded for validated college-level skills and knowledge gained outside of a college classroom. Students' knowledge and skills might be gained through experiences such as:

  • Military training
  • Industry training
  • State/ Federal government training
  • Apprenticeships, internships, work-based learning, or other industry-based experiential learning
  • Validated volunteer and civic activities (e.g. Peace Corps)

CPL does not award credit for knowledge and skills learned through college and university courses.

How can CPL help me?

CPL can help you save time and money on your educational path. Students can now get credit for a course instead of just waiving a prerequisite.

Who qualifies for CPL?

Have a current Imperial Valley College application on file.
Have a current Student Educational Plan
Be in Good Academic Standing (not on Warning, Probation, or Dismissal).
Not be currently enrolled in the course for which Credit for Prior Learning is being sought.
Not be currently enrolled in nor have received credit for a more advanced course in the same subject.
Students who hold industry credentials and certifications who are graduates of service academies, were trained for military occupations, or have work experience that can be demonstrated through an exam or portfolio review may qualify for credit for prior learning.

How do I demonstrate that I have prior learning?

Each CPL eligible course will have different methods of assessment. These methods include:

  • Military Transcript
  • Credit by Exam
  • Portfolio Review
  • Industry Certification/Accreditation or License
  • AP, IB, CLEP

What courses at IVC are eligible for CPL?

We have several courses approved for CPL and are currently adding to our CPL database. If you would like to discuss a course you think should be considered, please reach out to a counselor to see if CPL is a good fit.

Does CPL cost anything?

Only Credit by Exam Petitions have an administrative cost that equals the current unit value stated in the current IVC catalog.
 Fees, Refunds, Payment Plan

What If I cannot afford the fee for CPL Credit by Exam petition?

If you are unable to pay for the CPL Credit by Exam petition, you can apply for a fee waiver to see if you qualify to waive the Exam fee. Complete fee waiver and submit to
Credit by Exam Fee Waiver

I have experience in a discipline or industry that is not listed.

Contact the CPL Coordinator to set up a "CPL Review" appointment. Contact the CPL coordinator at

Do I need to be enrolled in a course at IVC to petition?

 No, you can just start by meeting with a counselor and discussing if you meet requirements.
Once determined if you may qualify for prior learning credit, you will need to apply to become a student at IVC.

What is my next step to find out more about CPL and see if I qualify?

Students interested in CPL should contact their counselor at 760-355-6435 and set up an appointment to further discuss their options.

For faculty and staff interested in learning more about CPL and potential opportunities for students within your disciplines, contact CPL Coordinator at

Military students – Contact Military/Veteran Counselor at

How do I apply for CPL?

CPL applications need to be completed with a Counselor.

What if I am a High School student interested in High School Articulation Credit by Exam?

If you are a high school student and interested in High School Articulation Credit by Exam, please contact your High School counselor for more information on how to earn those credits.
High School Articulation Credit by Exam