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Redistricting Process

Every 10 years, community college districts and other public agencies that elect their officers by geographical areas are required to review the boundaries of those districts and determine whether they need to be adjusted to incorporate new population data from the most recent U.S. Census.

The process, known as redistricting, ensures the districts are as nearly equal in population as possible. In some cases, the population remains balanced, and no map update is necessary. But if the local population has grown or shifted significantly, a map update is required.

Redistricting is a public process that includes input from community meetings, a Citizen’s Advisory Committee and the Board of Trustees. The District is legally required to complete the process and adopt new representation maps by March 1, 2022.

Any boundary adjustments would be effective starting with the November 8, 2022, District election, and would be used for trustee elections until the next Census.

The ICCD Board voted July 21, 2022 to establish a seven-member Redistricting Advisory Committee to study and recommend updated draft boundaries for the Trustee areas based on results of the 2020 Census.


Action Plan for Redistricting

The Imperial Community College District has commenced a review of 2020 Census demographic data, in consultation with a demographer and legal counsel, with the intent of changing the boundaries of trustee representation areas. To accomplish this task, the Board of Trustees and District staff will be taking a series of actions to ensure transparent and comprehensive compliance by the mandated March 1, 2022 deadline.

Below is a general timeline of the process. All dates are contingent upon timely access to specific Imperial County Census data.

Action Plan for Redistricting

Community Workshops/Advisory Committee Meetings

We will post important updates, recordings of public hearings and draft maps here.
10-04-21 - IVC Citizen's Advisory Committee Meeting
11-03-21 - IVC Citizen's Advisory Committee Meeting
11-08-21 - IVC Citizen's Advisory Committee (Public Hearing)
11-30-21 - Redistricting/Visioning Community Workshop - Holtville, CA
12-01-21 - Redistricting/Visioning Community Workshop - Brawley, CA
12-02-21 - Redistricting/Visioning Community Workshop Notes - Winterhaven, CA
12-02-21 - Redistricting/Visioning Community Workshop -Calipatria
12-06-21 - Redistricting/Visioning Community Workshop - El Centro/Imperial
12-07-21 Redistricting/Visioning Community Workshop - Calexico, CA

Imperial Community College District

Redistricting Advisory Committee:

Area Name
1 Jimmy Duron
2 Michael Minnix
3 Rebecca Singh
4 Eric Reyes
5 Norma Sierra Galindo
6 Raul Navarro
7 Victor Carrillo


Milestones for IVC Redistricting

  • Retain a demographer by September 15
  • Board appoints seven-member advisory committee –September 15
  • First Citizens Advisory Committee meeting to review current board areas, seek public input –October 4
  • Local census data released –October 31
  • Demographer reviews alternative maps with Advisory Committee – December 1
  • Combined Citizens Committee/Board workshop to review three scenarios – December 8
  • Community Workshops in population centers between November 30 and December 6
  • Citizens committee narrows scenarios to two recommendations for presentation to Board –January 12
  • Board reviews scenarios and adopts final map February 16, 2022

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Imperial Valley Community College District – Map Adopted 02/16/22