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How to Read Your Award Letter

If you have been determined eligible for financial aid, you will receive your interactive award letter at your IVC email.

Your award letter provides ESTIMATED awards based on full-time enrollment and stipulates that you must continue to meet all eligibility requirements such as Satisfactory Academic Progress.  If you enroll less than full-time, award payments will be prorated accordingly.  Please see the Financial Aid Payment page for more information regarding payments.

Your interactive award letter is divided into the sections listed below.  Use your mouse to hover over the question mark symbolsCapture to get more information regarding that particular award.  Your award letter also provides helpful videos as well as links to other important pages.  You can view a sample award letter here

Estimated Financial Aid Awards
This section lists your Grants with amounts assuming full-time attendance.  Amounts will be prorated for less than full-time attendance.  There are some Grants that require a minimum number of units for payment.  Please refer to our Financial Aid Programs page or use the hover-overs in your award letter for more information. Federal Work-Study offers will be listed here as well if you qualify.

Estimated Enrollment Fee Waiver
The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) is not a cash award.  If you qualify, this grant will waive your $46 per unit enrollment fees.  Once you register for courses, this award will adjust to your actual CCPG amount.

Other Aid
This section lists other aid such as Scholarships or special program awards.  Examples include IVC scholarships, outside scholarships, AmeriCorps, and EOPS awards (book cards, bus passes, etc).

Estimated Financial Need
This section calculates your estimated financial need using each of the figures below:

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA)

Cost of Attendance is an allowance based on the following expenses students may incur: Tuition Room and Board, Fees, Books, Transportation, and Miscellaneous Costs. This figure is what the Financial Aid Office uses to process your aid eligibility and awards. Your Financial Aid cannot exceed your Cost of Attendance.

2023-24 Cost of Attendance


At home (with parents)

Away from home (on your own)




Books, Course Materials, Supplies & Equip.



Living Expenses






Personal Expenses






*Fees are based on the average number of units required to graduate in 2 years (15 units per semester) at the $46 per unit resident fee or $332 per unit non-resident fee, plus Health Services fee of $20 and Student Representation Fee of $2. On-campus housing charges are $200 pero month. Away from home food and transportation are used due to housing being located off campus and no meal plan. The parking permit is an additional $25 per semester.

Total Estimated Financial Aid (EFA)

This is the total estimated financial aid including grants, fee waivers, work-study, and other aid.


Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is the number that is used to determine your eligibility for federal student aid. It is generated by the Department of Education based on the information you provided on your FAFSA and NOT an amount your family is expected to pay to Imperial Valley College.


Estimated Unmet Need

This is the amount of estimated remaining educational expenses that will not be covered by financial aid. It is calculated by subtracting the Total Estimated Financial Aid and the Expected Family Contribution figures from the Cost of Attendance.