At Imperial Valley College the Foundation Office raises funds each year thru our scholarship drive to fund hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships for IVC students.  As opposed to Financial Aid, which is awarded by need, scholarships are based on merit.  The top applicants for each scholarship are selected by various scholarship committeees.  In addition to full academic profiles that are automatically included with each application scholarship applicants are asked to write a short essay.  It is important to read each scholarship's cover page to know the different essay prompts for each scholarship.

There are three categories of scholarships for IVC students:  

Annual Scholarships (These are applied for in the Spring semester for the following academic year)

Book Scholarships (These scholarships are exclusively for students who DO NOT qualify for Financial Aid)

Nursing Scholarships (Exclusive for IVC Nursing Students, offered each semester)


Click here for Online IVC Scholarship Application (used for most IVC Scholarships)


Other Scholarships - (These are a mix of local and out of town scholarships, including Transfer Scholarships) 


For more information you may contact the IVC Foundation Office on campus in the William Thornburg Administration Center, building #10 or at (760) 355-6113.