1. Frequent Individual Counseling

EOPS counselors are always there when you need help. Starting college is exciting, but may also be confusing and stressful, having the adequate support and resources can help you meet your goals.

2. Individualized Tutoring

EOPS students are eligible for one-to-one tutoring at no cost. College classes are more difficult than those in high school. Students sometimes feel overwhelmed and individual tutoring makes the difference.

3. Priority Registration

EOPS students enjoy the benefits of priority registration.

4. Educational Planning

EOPS counselors are trained to provide career information and plan your classes whether your goal is vocational or your plan is to transfer to a four-year institution.

5. Financial Assistance

EOPS students may be eligible for Book Grants to help defray the costs of textbooks and school supplies in addition to Transportation Services such as IVC parking permits or bus passes for qualifying students.

6. Personal Attention

An EOPS student is assigned to one counselor who becomes familiar with the student, their individual needs, and their goals. EOPS counselors are always readily available to assist their EOPS student.

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