Resume, Job Applications, Cover letters & Interviews

Resume Materials
-How to Write a Resume
-List of Words to Use in Your Resume
-Sample Chronological Resume
-Sample Skills & Functional Resume

Need Help with your Resume? 
If you need assistance with your resume, please call or stop by the IVC Career Services Center to schedule an appointment for one-on-one help:
(760) 355-5721, Office 1601.

-Resume Appointment Instructions
-Resume Worksheet

Job Applications
-How to Complete Job Applications
-Job Application Sample

Cover Letters
-How to Write a Cover Letter
-Sample Cover Letters

-Types of Interviews
-How to Prepare for an Interview
-What to Expect During the Interview

Need to Improve your Interview Skills?
If you need to improve your interview skills or have a interview date and want to practice some techniques prior to your interview, please call IVC Career Services Center to schedule an appointment for a "Mock Interview." (760) 355-5721.
-Mock Interview Appointment Instructions