Professional Development

Campus Hour & Professional Development Committee


At its first meeting of each academic year the Campus Hour and Professional Development (CHPD) Committee will set a time and place to meet agreeable to its members. The Committee will meet at least once a month during the fall and spring semesters. A schedule of the meetings will be provided on the website.


Campus Hour is an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and administration to attend a wide variety of events or enriching activities on campus. Professional development is important to help employees enhance their job skills; obtain job-related knowledge and information; and increase productivity and efficiency. The CHPD's purpose is to:

1. Develop and maintain the campus Plan for Professional Development and plan activities that would be beneficial for all campus groups

2. Oversee the Campus Hour calendar of events

3. Provide guidance to the scheduling of Campus Hour events that have been brought to the committee from other individuals or other committees

4. Schedule professional development activities that have been brought to the committee for specific campus groups (i.e., CSEA, CTA, Academic Senate, etc.)

5. Act as the Professional Development Resource Planning Committee for the Educational Master Plan and Program Review processes.


The CHPD Committee will advocate for the development of Campus Hour activities and professional development activities at Imperial Valley College to promote the development of our academic community by helping employees make meaningful connections with colleagues and by encouraging college and community service. The committee members will solicit and contribute ways to improve Campus Hour and professional development. Members should facilitate open communication with all students, faculty, staff and other important stakeholders. It is the committee's charge to identify and recommend to the College Council specific actions and strategic plans the College community can pursue to move the College towards better use of the Campus Hour and towards improved professional development activities. It is further our charge to collaborate with on-campus and off-campus groups to implement these actions and plans and sustain them over time.


1. The following college constituencies retain all rights granted by law and/or regulations. The five groups represented in this shared governance structure are faculty, classified staff, classified managers/confidential, students, and administrators.

2. Two co-chairs of the CHPD Committee shall be elected, by the members of the committee, at the last meeting of the academic year and shall assume the office at the first meeting of the academic year. One of the co-chairs must be a non-administrative employee and one must be an administrative employee

3. The permanent members of the CHPD Committee are:

• Two (2) faculty members appointed by Academic Senate, and one (1) alternate

• One (1) part-time faculty

• Two (2) classified staff members, and one (1) alternate

• Two (2) administrators: one (1) appointed by the Administrative Council and one (1) appointed by the President/Superintendent, and one (1) alternate

• Two (2) members from classified managers or classified confidentials, and one (1) alternate

• Two (2) students at large appointed by ASG, and one (1) 1 alternate

4. The CHPD Committee may create ad hoc committees as needed to address college wide issues and task forces to address specific (single item) issues.