College Council

Mission Statement

The IVC College Council ensures that all students, faculty, staff, and administrators have equal opportunity to express their opinions and ideas at the campus level.  Its members work to facilitate decisions that support student learning and improve institutional effectiveness.  All recommendations by this Council are directed to the Superintendent/President.


College Council meetings are held in the Administration Building Board Room on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 12:50 p.m., unless posted otherwise.


Administrative Representatives

  • Efrain Silva
  • Tina Aguirre
  • Jeff Enz
  • David Zielinski (alternate)
  • Vacant (alternate)

Classified Representatives

  • Melody Chronister (Chair)
  • Yethel Alonso
  • Erika Aguilar
  • Silvia Murray (alternate)
  • Claudia Aguilar (alternate)
  • Jose Torres (alternate)


Faculty Representatives

  • Ric Epps (Vice Chair)
  • Aaron Edwards
  • Sergio Pesqueira
  • Cathy Zazueta (alternate)
  • Caroline Bennett (alternate)
  • Mike Palacio, Jr., (alternate)

CMCA Representatives

  • Lisa Seals, CMCA Representative
  • Jose Carrillo, CMCA Representative
  • Vacant
  • Liz Cantu (alternate)
  • Rick Webster (alternate)

Student Representatives

  • Karla Espejo-Rodarte, Student Representative
  • Luis Caloca, Student Representative
  • Miguel Rubalcava, Student Representative
  • Matthew Limon, Student Representative



  • Dr. Victor Jaime