We are currently in the process of recruiting for members listed below to serve.

Committee Member Constituency Term
 Vacant Business Organization TBD
Vacant Senior Citizens' Organization TBD
Vacant Taxpayer Organization TBD
Vacant Student Representative TBD
Vacant Business organization member TBD
Vacant Support Organization TBD
Vacant Community-at-Large TBD
Vacant Community-at-Large TBD

Purpose: "to inform the public concerning the expenditure of bond revenues"

Term of office:
No member may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.

The committee shall consists of a minimum of seven members appointed by the Board of Trustees from a list of candidates submitting written applications and based on criteria established by Prop 39, to wit:

  • one member active in a business organization
  • one member active in a senior citizen's organization
  • one member in a bona-fide taxpayers association
  • one member shall be a student who is both currently enrolled in the district and active in a community college group, such as student government. The community college student may, at the discretion of the board, serve up to six months after his or her graduation.
  • one member shall be active in the support and organization of a community college, such as a member of an advisory council or foundation
  • two members of the community at-large appointed by the Board
Statutory Duties per Ed Code 15278 – 15282:
Actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers' money for school construction.Advise the public as to whether the District is in compliance with Section 1(b)(3) of Article XIIIA.Provide oversight for both of the following: ensuring that bond revenues are expended only for the purposes described in Article XIIIA, Section 1(b)(3), and ensuring that no funds are used for any teacher or administrative salaries or other school operating expenses.Issue regular reports on the results of activities, at least once a year.