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document Effective Reading Popular

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Effective Reading.pptx

Pre-reading Techniques

document Fact V Opinion Popular

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Fact v Opinion.pptx

PowerPoint on distinguishing between facts and opinions

document Making Inferences Popular

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Making Inferences.pptx

PowerPoint on Making Inferences

pdf Sample Text 2 Popular

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Sample Text 2.pdf

Analysis of Textbook Passage

document Stated and Implied Main Ideas Popular

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Stated and Implied Main Ideas.pptx

PowerPoint on finding Main Ideas

document Supporting Details Popular

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Supporting Details.pptx

PowerPoint on Identifying Supporting Details

document Taking Notes In Class Popular

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Taking Notes in Class.pptx

PowerPoint on Note-taking Techniques

document Understanding Textbooks Popular

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Understanding Textbooks.pptx

How to Understand Textbooks

document Vocabulary In Context Popular

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Vocabulary in Context.pptx

PowerPoint on using context clues to define words