• Restoring the Fiscal Health of Imperial Valley College

Road to Recovery

Victor Jaime - Interim Superintendent and PresidentDear Friends,

Imperial Valley College is facing its most serious fiscal crisis in many years due to the ongoing state budget situation and resulting cutbacks to higher education.

We are not alone. Statewide, since the 2009-10 Academic Year, actual per student funding has been cut by $300 while the cost of living has increased by 16 percent. Funding for 130,000 full-time equivalent students has been slashed and there have been deep cuts to student success initiatives. Meanwhile, fees have doubled from $600 per year (on the average) to $1,380 per year.

All of these have been driven by the state legislature and the monumental fiscal disaster California has been facing. For more information, please visit the California Community College League at this link: http://www.ccleague.net/february-surprise/.

It is our job at the local level to factor these realities into our budget and keep this college afloat.

Please be assured, we will succeed.

Over the coming weeks and months, you will see changes at IVC. There potentially could be personnel reductions and some curtailment of services as we steer your college on this Road to Recovery. Our focus will continue to be on serving students in our core areas: transfer, career technical education and basic skills. Access to our class sections will continue to be impacted in the foreseeable future but we will do everything possible to provide as many class sections as is fiscally prudent at this time.

In situations such as this, rumors can fly.

That is why we have posted this "Road to Recovery" page on our website. Please refer to this site for accurate information and please send this link to your friends.

Victor Jaime Ed.D.